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President Trump’s Hoose

I’m very excited today we are going to stay at Presidente Trump’s hoose in Turnberry. We are expected at three so dad has planned a walk for us to do before we go there. Being Saturday I get a long lie in and mum goes to the shops. When mum got back dad loaded mini with my cushion, food, toys, jacket treats and my posh lead and harness.

Off we go, sun shining M77 to Ayrshire. Dad had a print out of the path of a man called Tam O Shanter. He wanted us to follow his path. We parked up in Belleisle Park in Ayr. Dad’s guide told us to “Look for the Blue Tam o’ Shanter Bonnet symbols that guide you through the rest of the walk” Blue Tam o shanter hats”?? Aye right dad, more scotch mist? Dad went into the building where the peoplsees with sticks were coming out of to ask. I’m intrigued all these peoplsees walk about with big bags on wheels. They wheel there bags onto fields and hit little white balls then they walk after them. They are not even proper balls, you can’t sink your teeth into them, and they don’t even squeek!

Dad came out the building plan A ripped up. We were going to go walk to Rozelle Estate the man in the building said I could get off lead and play ball. We walked across the fields, looking out for the wee white balls whizzing past to get to a nice park. We walked though trees, big open fields lots of flowers were in bloom. As we got to the mansion the rain started to come on…..back to mini.

Off to Donald’s house! Mum took off my harness and dressed me in my my posh harness and lead. Donald’s House is very big. Mini parked outside we got out and man in a kilt took us in. It was very busy. We got keys and went to our room. When we got there Donald had laid on a bed and a mat, and bowls for me to eat and drink from, thanks Donald. I hope Donald does not take this the wrong way, but the big bed is more comfy than the little one.

We settles in and the sun came out so we went for a walk on the golf course, nice walk we couldn’t get to the beach but that was ok because I still get to play with the ball!

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