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No signal so a trip to Porta Giglio

No signal so a trip to Porta Giglio

I had a very lazy day to day. Mum and Dad on the other hand were having big problems with WIFI and phone signals. Apparently they need them to book the next place we are going to. In a few days time we are going back to Guarda. I’ll leave them to it, its too nice a day. Time for a wee nap on the sun bed. It’s nice here at Campeggio Baia del Sole.

poppy the westie resting at Campeggio Baia del Sole

Mum and dad were still trying to find a place to stay, they managed to get camp wifi but couldn’t get phone signal. This didn’t help when they needed to speak to the campsites. Dad even got our nice campsite peoplesees to phone, but the news was not good fully booked. Mmmm better leave them to it. It was getting hot so I thought I cool down under Betsy.

poppy the westie under Betsy at Campeggio Baia del Sole

As afternoon turned to evening still no joy. Never mind Mum we are going out to that nice place in Porta Giglio for dinner. One problem, bus. Dad had already bought the tickets from camp reception and saved 2 euros each way clever that. But it still meant I had to were that horrible nasty muzzle. Hay ho the bus journey wasn’t long and soon we at the port. We went for a wee plod before din dins. It’s deserted here at night.

poppy the westie in Porto Giglio at dusk

We went into the Doria and were given a great seat right by the marina. It was still light and there were only a few other peoplesees in the restaurant.

poppy the westie in Doria

Mum and Dad raved about the food, they loved it to bits. By the time they had finished it was getting dark outside and the Doria was packed full of hungry peoplesees. We left and went down to the beach for a plod along the front.

poppy the westie on beach outside the Doria

Looking back from the jetty Porta Giglio looked pretty with its lights making twinkling reflections in the water.

poppy the westie at the pier Porto Giglio at night

It was really good to be off leash and given space to explore with out mum and dad being close, nice to get a bit of freedom.

poppy the westie in the carpark at Porto Giglio

There was still a bit of time before the bus would come and take us back to Betsy so Mum and Dad took a pew at Bar Monti. I had other ideas, there was a full marina to explore.

poppy the westie explores the pontoon at Porto Giglio

Exploring all done I went back to Bar Monti to sit with Mum and Dad to watch the world go by.

poppy the westie in Bar Monti Porto Giglio

After a few drinks of daft juice the bus came in. Hurry drink up we don’t want to miss the bus. Its along walk back to Campeggio Baia del Sole.

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