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Poppy goes to Talisker

Poppy goes to Talisker

I woke up this morning and Dad carries me down the steep wee steps to the living room. He opened the door and let me out. Skyes is good. I can go where I please so I did. I had a good sniff about the front, then the back, then the sides. That’s when I caught a funny smell. Sniff, sniff sniff sniff. Mmmm smells like mum and dad last night when they left me in living room. I know what this is, hot tub. A hot tub is like a big bath, Poppys hates baths yuck.

After brecky Blue took us out into the wilds. She went down smaller and smaller roads until there were no more roads to go down. She turned back and found a place to rest. Where we going? “ We’re going to the beach Poppy”. Beach? I’m not seeing it, don’t smell it either. What I am smelling though is cows, sheeps and, it canny be, peacocks?

A wee while latter we went through a farm and on to a hill path. Thats when it all changed. Suddenly Mr wind came down from the mountains and decided he was going to stop me from getting to the beach. He huffed and he puffed but I battled through him. Mr Wind is not stopping me getting to a beach.

poppy the westie at a windy Talisker Bay Skye

Well the beach was, well not the greatest. Not so much pebbles but rocks. Mabey Mr Wind was right. Mum and Dad looked frozen. Back to Blue? It was quite a trek back, we met the farmer and complimented him on his home, mmm nice place to live. Let’s find Blue.

poppy the westie looking for blue in talisker

On the way home Blue took us past the whiskey factory and stopped at a wee place called the Oyster Shack. Mum got out and came back with bags of food. Mmmmm they smell yummy, I smell fishees.

It was getting dark when we got back to the eagles rest. Mum and Dad got changed into swimming cloths. Mmmm must be going into nasty hot tubs.

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