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No room at the Inn

We got up early, mini was so full of stuff. I thought I was going to grandpa and granny’s because my bed and toys were going into mini. That meant mum and dad were going away. So they eventually got me into mini. After an hour in mini we weren’t going to granny’s, mmmmm maybe the see side or Loch Lomond? Too much thinking time for a nap. We stopped outside a place called Inverness but just went for a very wee walk then back in mini. A nap later another wee walk, this time in a forest with a waterfall. At a place called Applecross another WEE walk. Mini was then pointed at a small road that went up between two mountains called the Bealach na Ba pass. On and On went mini, eventually we stopped at The Gairloch Highland Lodge. Me and mum went to check in. The man in the hotel took one look at me and told mum I was not welcome, she could stay but I couldn’t. What did I do? Dad said he would sleep in mini with me and give mum a bed. In the town the Old Inn pub had no rooms available but at least they liked me. A couple of Germansees offered to swap there room for Mums, Dad bought them drinks every one was happy. I liked the Old Inn, it was closer to the pier and all these new smells…Lobster Pots smell ssoooooooo goooood.

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