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Santa Paws Day

Santa Paws Day

Last night I was on guard duty. Mum and dad put down carrots and water for Santa Paws Reindeer. I know all about reindeers, I chased them right out of town the last time I saw them in Arran. There is no way Reindeers are getting into my house! Since there is no way they are getting in I might as well have their carrots, yum. No Reindeers came so job done off to bed.
waiting for santa

I woke up this morning and Santa Paws had come. Under the tree there were lots of presents. Poppys like presents. The presents were put on the middle of the floor for me to open. Poppys are great at opening pressys, dad calls me a shredder, what is a shredder dad? I got tore in. One then another then another paper everywhere. Give me more! Give me more!

no carrots

On Santa Paws day breakfast is just like the ones you get on adventures. Eggs, bacon, potato scones, mushrooms and my favourite square sausages YUMMMMMM.


Breakfast over dad put me into mini. Time to walk off sausages, to the park. Park was great got to chase squirlsees. When we got home mum washed my paws clean because I was going to visit Uncle Andrew. Mini was not feeling well though and dad thought she might not make it. She went very slowly but made it. I know my way at Uncle Andrew’s, so I went straight to the door. The door buzzed and I shot up the stairs to uncle’s place.


I went into the living room and got pets from big Andrew and Joanne then from Big Andrew’s son Christopher. The peoplsees started talking so I went to explore. Uncle Andrew’s house is full of traps. I went into his bed room. The door was open but as soon as I went in the door closed behind me all by itself and I couldn’t get out. I pawed and pawed the door but it wouldn’t open. Dad and Christopher went looking for me, found me and set me free. Thanks Dad, thanks Christopher!


It was time to go because Mini wasn’t well, but she seemed better going back home. When we got home Granny and Granpa was there. Granpa gave me a carrot Yum. At dinner I got bits of Lamb, lamb is so yummy Poppys love lamb. After dinner I got more presents to open and inside there were toys for me. New toys!!! Granny and Granpa were most impressed at how well I open presents.

more prezzies

Sausage, treets, lamb and presents. Poppys like Santa Paws day!

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