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Another long weekend another adventure, we are off to Dumfries and Galloway. Betsy trundled down the M74 for ages before she hit the smaller roads.

The woman in mums phone told dad to turn right but he has grown savvy and totally ignored her. We trundled further and further until we saw a sign for Mossyard. It was almost a path that took us down to a farm, there were cows and sheep on the road! When we got there I nice man told us where we were to go. It was a funny place to stop. All the other motorhomes were down on the grass. Mum liked it though because of the view.

poppy the westie looking over wall at mossyard
nice here

We settled in and after dinner we went for a walk down to the beach. I liked this a lot I think dad did too. the water was really close but you could still walk round and look at the islands.

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