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Mossyard and the big beach

After breakfast it was time to explore. This means the beach. We went down to the bottom field and followed the path through the rocks to the sea. The beach was totally different from last night. Dad look at the beach it’s huge. We played on our beach with the ball it was great.

can we get a go on one of these?

The island last night was now no longer an island so we decided to explore it before the sea came back. It was full of smells in every crack of every rock. The top of the island was grassy and from there we saw another bay.

sun sea sand and warm water

We explored the bay it had boats bobbing in the sea and you could see the land on the other side of the firth. I played in the water, sand under my paws in the warm shallow water, blue sunny sky I am liking this. We decided to go through the scrub back to camp for lunch.

After lunch we walked up to the farm I had to go on lead because of the cows and sheep. We found a path that took us to a car park, this was the car park for the big beach. It was getting hotter and hotter I was really happy when I saw the sea. The only problem was it was miles away, the beach went on forever. Thankfully the sand was wet and cool.

Cool sand

By the time we got to the water dad thought the tide was turning and wanted to go back. I was fascinated. I could see peoplsees miles out in the sea but the water was only up to their knees, how do they do that?

dad look at the person running in the water (top left)

We decided to go back by heading to the beach we explored this morning. Dad said he would carry me if the water got too deep. It didn’t. It was fun splashing across the bay. Back on dry land time to go back to Betsy for a snooze

head for the gap that’s the way home

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