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Milarrochy Bay

Day trip suns out gruuuuuuff We went into mini and headed out into the country. We stopped on a small road and went into the forest.

Once away from the road I was let loose. Lots of smells and big grass! Grass and ferns bigger than me. I had to jump to see mum and dad. I sniffed out sausages, some peoplsees were living in tents and making food. I don’t know why mum and dad didn’t stop for elevenses.

We kept going and got to the water. Dad said we were on the other side when we were in Luss. I remembered Luss, water tasted good but was too cold, yelp. We walked along the beach into a Camper van park. Mum really liked the Campervans. I liked the park lots of other dogs to play with.

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