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Long Haired Lover from Liverpool

Long Haired Lover from Liverpool

Today I went for a long, long, long drive to a place called Liverpool.  Liverpool is in Englandshire. The peoplsees in Liverpool speak very funny, I can’t understand them easily. They do speak puppy, well a little bit. Look up at them, wag tail and put my earsees back = nice pets, claps and an occasional scratch of my head.  

We stayed in a strange place called a Hotel. The peoplsees in the hotel were nice and petted me. Outside was full of strange smells. There were lots of cars and busses and lots and lots of peoplsees, they were all moving very fast and didn’t even notice I was there. Outside the hotel was a man sitting on the ground with a bucket and a big bit of cardboard he had a dog. It was a nice dog called Alfie. He must been very we behaved because peoplsees who walked past left him food and treats.

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