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Loch Katrine

For the first time this year we are going for a trip. This Saturday we are going out to the country in Mini. Mum and say it’s not time for Betsy yet because it’s too cold. We are going into the Trossachs. Mini headed west and we crossed the River Clyde at Erskine. On we went, the sun was out and the skys were blue.

As we got to Aberfoyle the woman in mum’s ithing told us to turn up a small road called the Duke’s Path. Dad was not impressed as the road was icy. Slowly mini took us over the mountain and down to the valley on the other side. As the ice retreated the further down we travelled dad’s happiness returned.

We got to the car park at Loch Katrine, there were a lot of Asian and European tourists there. On the loch was an old steam boat. Dad went to check to see if we had to pay for parking, we did. The problem was we had no cash. Mum found a pound so that bought us an hour.

No time to waste we were off walking round the loch. Off lead ball time! But no? Mum thought I would lose it in the big puddle so ball time was rationed. Silly mum when she did through the ball it bounced away from the puddle and down a hill. Dad had to get it for me. As soon as dad went to get it his foot went through the snow into mud. Dad was not happy he was wearing his brand new suede training shoes.

His training shoes dried but more importantly I got to play with the ball. On the way back the tourists wanted to take my picture so I posed by the loch and looked pretty for them. They were very happy.

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