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We got the bus in the morning into town. Mum put the nasty mussel on me. When we got past the driver dad took it off. The town was very scenic. First we went on a train that went up a big hill to castle then we went over bridges and walked around the old buildings. Before we came back I got to try Slovenian food. Dad thought that 2.20 was a good deal for the meat pastry. So did I because it was too big for dad so I got some.

In the afternoon dad phoned Camp Bohini, the lady on the phone said we have space come on over. So Betsy fired up and we were off to Bohini a lake in the mountains. The camp was crazy busy. Betsy found a spot and we pitched up. Suddenly the sky went black, there were big fireworks in the sky that made scary bangs

Campsite at Lake Bohinj in the rain
rain before the camping storm

Mum and dad could not believe the way people parked their vans. Every bit of ground was fair game. We settled in for the night

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