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Betsy loaded we headed south, no sooner than we left Hamilton everything ground to a halt, there had been an accident on the M74 nothing was moving. After an age we got rolling again. The woman in the phone told dad to come off the motorway. Dad was not convinced we started going down really small roads. Some of the roads had grass growing in the middle of them! It didn’t stop there when we got to Kirkcudbright the woman in the phone took Betsy to a cemetery then she took Betsy to a road that was unpassable. We eventually got to Silver Craigs Camp Site.

We explored the town and mum decided that we would have fish and chips for dinner from Polar Bites Yum. Polar Bites is meant to be the best fish and chips in Scotland. Mum and dad dident think so, I thought it was good though.

My night time walk was great, dad let me off lead straight away. All of a sudden I smelled foxes! I was off I sped over the park out into the road at the end of the field, I could not hear dad calling for me. I sniffed and sniffed but could not find them they must be hiding from me Bad Foxes. Dad was raging when he caught up and put me straight on the lead. I don’t get why dad was so mad, he said it was because I ran on the road and did not come back when called.

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