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Invading Germany

Up early and out on deck for my morning walk. It was bright and there were a lot of other dogs on deck.

Poppy the westie in a bunk on the north sea ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam.
time to get up mum

We got told to go to the van. The corridors in the boat were busy. When we got there mum put me inside Betsy. Mum got mad because dad did not have my cushion! Where is it dad? Dad then had to run to the cabin. He came back but with no cushion. Someone stole my cushion??

We were the first off the boat and driving to Amsterdam. Mum and dad not talking. When we got to Germany dad went to Lidl and got beer ,mum got wine I got cheese yum.

We eventually stopped at Camping Sonnek next to a big River with things called barges on it. I got to paddle in the river. That night we went out to watch world cup football. Ronaldo got beaten dad was happy.

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