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Yesterday we all jumped into Betsy and drove to the coast. Mum forgot my cushion so it was hard to get comfy on mum’s legs. When we got there Betsy had to wait behind a big bus. A man in bright colours told Betsy to go down a bumpy ramp. We were going on a boat! I got out and went on top to get all the new sea smells, so many new smells. The boat ride only lasted 20 minutes so we got back into Betsy and went onwards.

Betsy took us down some small windy roads where we had to stop to let peoples get past because the road was too wee and narrow. We went through forests over big hills and down green glens. At dinner time Betsy had a rest and went to sleep for the night. I got roast beef yum.

Betsy pitched up at Glenaruel
Rest at last

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