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Glen Coe Village

Sunny Sunny Sunny. We were going for a walk around the glen, I was allowed off lead for about a mile but had to go back on when the path joined the main road. We walked through the village and out the other side over the bridge that crossed the river Coe. It’s not much of a river but it did need a bridge. We started down a small lane that followed the river and I met a distant cousin.

At the bridge the nice cairn terrier came over to say hallo, I liked him. His owner told mum and dad about a pub that would be happy to have me. On and on down the road we went only meeting a few people and even fewer cars. Just past the red squirrel camp site we walked past Haggred,s House from harry potter.

Mucky pup

We got to the Clachaig Inn at lunch time and as it was nice we ait outside. Mum and dad got some smoked salmon bruschetta and got some of the salmon. I have never tasted smoked salmon before I like it! Yum!

Across the glen through some fields and across the river Coe I was all muddy so dad washed me in the river it was cold. We came out of the fields on the main road I had to go back on lead. We walked for about a mile the cars sped past very fast.

Dad giving me a wash

Before we went back to Betsy we stopped off at the Glen Coe visitors centre. I got petted by some Americans. Americans seem to like me.

Back at Betsy the sun was out so sun chairs and a lazy afternoon was the order of the day. Dad was busy though he had the barbeque to do.

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