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Glasgow Green

Since lockdown has eased home park gets busier and busier. Mum decided we should have a change this weekend, we were going to a place called Glasgow Green. Mum said there would be plenty of room to play ball. We left early in the morning and got to a place called the Gorbals. I got out of mini lots of smells. The Gorbals didn’t look very green and a funny smell.
poppy the westie in the gorbals
We came to a bridge and crossed a big river called the Clyde. Mum use to do life saving here.
poppy the westie on st andrews beidge
Across the bridge was a different world! It was green. I got to play ball. The path was busy with bike people. I ran up a hill and found a swing park. Nobody was using it everything was chained up. Their loss my gain, lots of space to play ball.
poppy the westie at the swings
We went back down onto the path and followed it to the boat house, there were a few other dogs but none of them wanted to play so mum and dad played with me instead. Mum decided we should go back and explore the other side of the park. Good job I found perfume! I rubbed my neck in it, it smelled great, Mum and dad were horrified, No Poppy, NO! Ha Ha too late.
poppy the westie glasgow green
It was getting hotter and hotter, it was nice and cool under the trees with the breeze off the river.
poppy the westie resting top
We crossed the park towards a big building, Dad said it was a carpet factory, funny looking carpet factory, looks more like a palace. More importantly was the grass was nice and cool here.
poppy the westie made in yhe shade
We then went to the peoplesees palace, funny carpet factories that look like palaces and palaces that look like green houses.
poppy the westie peoples palace
It was really hot when dad said fountain, I was interested. The fountain had no water in it. To me that’s no fountain that’s a statue. It was so hot I pulled mum and dad to the shade. It was time to go home. I was shattered. Too hot. One last big field to play in then back to mini.
poppy the westie at the fountain
On the way home mini’s window was open all the time. Dad said the wind against my perfume was horrible, all the way home he said I was getting a bath. As soon as we got home he ran one.
poppy the westie at the obelisk

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