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Englandshire Silverdale

Yesterday we got into Betsy and drove in the rain for hours. Dad was moody and crancky. When Betsy decided to have a rest the man in the field kept telling her to move. Eventually she was allowed to rest. Dad was hurting he could not walk, ho hum, Mum will take me for walks. We went out and I got let loose in a big field next to the sea. We got back to Betsy before the big rain came. Dad slept beside me Mum said it was because he could not climb the ladders I think it was because he was afraid of the big storm and wanted me to protect him.

The next day after the big storm I woke dad up by lickings his face, lucky dad.

The sun came out so we went into the village. Later we walked along country roads all the way to the sea. It was very windy but I got to run very fast on the beach. I ran and ran. I even ran through mum and dad’s legs. On the way back to Betsy the nasty storm came back. Mum had to carry me over the farm yard . She said it was because I am very white and she didn’t want me to go black.

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