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Eagles and Fireworks

I was up early and got mum up to take me for my morning walk. It was a nice bright sunny morning and I met some other dogs who were staying here. After breakfast we were going to go to Old Scone. The man in the motorhome next to ours was talking to dad. I don’t know what he said but dad redid the eclectics cable going into Betsy.

Off we went, we started off and I had to go on the leash but not for long. We left the road and started to go through woodlands we got lost following paths that got smaller and smaller until there were no paths at all. Eventually we came to a fence a dad said we should go north. We fought our way till we found a big path, easy going now. This was great, loads of new smells off lead and sunshine dog paradise. The only thing that would make it better would be squirrels, ball and beaches. We got to the village and we walked round the park, it had a pond in it with ducks gggrrrrrrrrrr the ducks would not come close enough to chase. Mum bought a newspaper and we decided to go back for lunch. On the way back I noticed a giant bird, I growled at it and it just looked at me from a branch in the tree in front of us, dad was excited but he made me stay close. He said the giant bird was called a golden eagle, its ok dad I will make sure you and mum are safe! We took another “short cut” on the way back to Betsy through the grounds of a big palace then we saw the big field from the night before. Mum said it was called a race course, I like race courses I get to play with my ball on them.

After lunch we went the opposite way in the direction of Colenden. After a wee while we left the road and were walking along a nice big field. All was good until I heard it …..Fireworks. I started to shake mum and dad tried to tell me it wasn’t fireworks, they said it was peoplsees shooting. That’s worse!! What were they shooting? Will they shoot me?

Mum Dad  Fireworks

We left the field and I felt better because I bangs got quieter. The path hot very difficult, we were lost, again. We scrambled downhill and dad had to pick me up in some bits because I was getting lost in the undergrowth. Then JOY we saw a road. Back on the tarmac time to get back to Betsy.

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