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We are going to a place called Crinan today, its a long way away. Too long, I got sick in mini so dad stopped the car place called Lochgilphead and I got out for a walk. A short drive later I saw the strangest thing. It was called a boat. I have seen boats before but not one that sails higher than the road!

We came to the canal where boats could travel through land, later a bridge where big woolly red cows eat grass on islands in the middle of a river. Onwards we travelled to the Crinan Hotel.

I was made to feel really welcome and got pets and claps and a biscuit. Our room was big and the bed was bigger. From the bed I could see out 3 windows! The Hotel owner told dad our room was the Stephen Hawking’s Room where he lived a long time ago. I thought it was our room.

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