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Mum and dad had me all packed up to go to Granny and Grandpas when they got a texty from BA the silver bird peoplsees. They were not happy. All my stuff got unpacked. Mum and dad were going to fly away to somewhere called Barbados without me, now we are all going to Coniston Woof!

A few days later we all get into mini , bed packed? Woof, coats? Woof, toys? Woof, food? Woof treets? WOOF!  Off we went,  near enough to a place called Manchester, mum and dad got out and went into a big white van. We went to another place same thing happened mum and dad got out went away in a big white van came back and off in mini again. Again it happened. Whats going on!  

By the time we got to Coniston it was dark. We were staying in an old post office. After we parked and unpacked dad got a fire going I like fires.

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