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Colintrave & the Kyles of Bute

Dad was raging at the BBC because their weather forecast was totally wrong…..again. We woke Betsy up and she took us to Colintrave. She went for a snooze and we went to the beach. We walked for miles on the way back we took the road.. I met and dog called Milly, she was lucky mum kept me back because she deserved a bite.

Poppy the westie at the Kyles of Bute
how do we get across there?

Back in the village it was very busy. I got a bit of burger yum.

The sun came out for theColintrave village fate 2018
The sun came out for the village fate

We got back into Betsy and she took us to a small hamlet. I got to see my first shinty game Clachan of Glendaruel against Balaghulish. It was fun but I was tired so went for a snooze in Betsy with mum.

 Clachan of Glendaruel against Balaghulish game ended up a draw 2-2
So how come I can’t chase the ball

When I woke up we were back at the camp.

Time for a walk yay. We went through a forest and I got to run really fast. Time for another snooze now.

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