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Castle Point caravan and camping site

We left Kirkcudbright and headed east along the Galloway coast. We pulled into the campsite and what a view. Betsy got to her place in the park and rested. We set off for a walk. We wandered down country lanes to the coast, the sun was shining and the village was very pretty. All the coves were white but it was not sand it was millions of cockle shells. We cut in land to go over the headland through a small wood and down into Rockcliff. Mum went into a gallery and I tried to get dad to buy me doggy ice cream, no ice creams for poppys, bad dad.

We had a nice walk back to the campsite. And dad started to get the barbeque going. We sat outside. As the sun was going to bed looking out over the bay I saw something I have never seen before, a horse running on top of the water! How does that work?

How does that horse do that?

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