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Cashel and the Jungle

After breakfast we left Betsy and walked along something called the Westie highland ways. It was a path beside the road and mum and dad were not keen to let me off lead. We passed a farm and came to another camp site at Cashel. Mum and dad went to investigate it. It seemed nice its beach was nicer than ours, well bigger. It had an island just off shore and peoplsees were using blow up log things to get to it. Mum liked the look of that too. Grrrrr what are the daft peoplsees doing?

The other side of the camp opened up into meadows. Off lead it was great. Dad reckoned we could get back to or camp along the lochside, we headed off. Going this way ment I could stay off lead. Ruff! It started so nice but then it got harder and harder. We did find me new ball! After an hour it stared to get really hard going. Scrambling over rocks and burns through gorse and thicket we made it as far as we could go. We were stopped by a big barbed wire barrier and could not get through it. We would have to go round. There was a problem the ferns were twice the size of me and too dence to bash through, worse they were laced with bramble. I could go no further. Dad found me and picked me up, that was lucky he bashed through the forest all the way to the road.

If I hide here I wont have to go into the Jungle

I was so glad to get back to Betsy, food, water short cool grass …….nap.

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