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Callandar Woods, Callandar

The weekend is here and we are going out in Betsy. First load my food toys and treats into Betsy, then Betsy had to be fed. Once she had her drink we were off into the countryside. We rolled into the Callandar Woods Campsite about 6 o’clock.

Exploring the Trossachs

The next day we explored. We took the road into Callandar so I was on lead grrrrrr. We headed up a big hill and dad let me off. The place we were going to was called Bracklinn Falls. We wondered through the trees over bridges and we came across lots of water falls. I got to get a drink. I met lots of dogs and got to play with them.

Me and dad at the waterfalls

We sauntered back to the village and mum and dad got an ice cream at The Old Fudge Shop. Dad complained it was the most expensive Ice Cream ever. We went down to the river so I could play it was great, lots of peoplsees petted me. I was getting tired so we started to make our way back to Betsy. On the way back we made a detour through an archway, there I saw the strangest bird I have ever seen! It was big and it was blue and green. I growled at it

this bird is just wrong

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