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Betsy’s Maiden Voyage

Mum and dad went to work leaving me at home, As usual I jump on the windowsill and wait for them to come back. Today mum came back early, she caught me sleeping, sneaky mum. She started moving lots of stuff including my stuff into Betsy. Soon after dad came home, more stuff was taken out to Betsy.

Dad took me round the block but instead of going home we both went into Betsy. Mum was already there. Betsy roared into life she was thirsty so we had to go to the petrol station to let her drink, Betsy loves diesel.

Once she was ready we were off. The sunshine quickly vanished and as we got to Edinburgh it started to snow! It was pitch black as Betsy plodded forward down to Berwick, the snow faded to rain then the winds came.

On we went into the dark, we left the big road and on to smaller and smaller roads. The last road was so small that Betsy took up the whole road. We stopped at a place called a farm. If you have never been to a farm before they are very muddy and have a million smells.

Dad got out and plugged Betsy in. He then went out to give Betsy a big drink of water. Silly dad put the water where the pink stuff for the toilet should have gone, Pink smelly water in the bathroom!

Eventually we all settled mum made dinner and mum and dad watched TV, I look out the window listening to the strange noises, I think there are monsters outside.

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