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Beach, Squirrels and Steam Trains

Another sunny day but cold so mum put my coat on. First stop the beach for running and Ball. Then we were off again, Forest waterfalls and trails. Mum was looking forward to seeing Red Squirrels. She had never seen one before, I don’t get it, a squirrels is a squirrels grey, red, blue or black, it was great I got to chase one but it got away. Mum was not chuffed because she never saw it.

We then went to see the Harry Potter train at the Glen Finnan Viaduct. It was a noisy big dragon It breathed out fire and smoke the sound echoed across the glen. Lots of peoplsees were there with cameras. We explored the lochside beside a big tower where Bonnie Prince Charley landed to fight the Englandshire peoplsees. Dad said it did not go well.

Fort William back in a town with normal town smells and sights but whats that? grrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrufff grrrrruuuuuufff a peoplsee with two heads!!! That’s not right grrrrrrrrrr, Ruff, grrrruff!, gruff! Wooooooohooooooooooooof! Dad look! a peoplsee with two heads! Grrrrrrrrr Dad tried to convince me it was a just a big peoplsee with a little peoplsee on his shoulders grrrrrrr no way two headed peoplsees just not right grrrrrrrrr.

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