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Bamburgh, Seahouses

The next day I was up before mum and dad. In Betsy mum and dad sleep up in a cupboard they have to climb a ladder to get there. I could see animals outside. When mum went to take me for my walk I grabbed my chance, I was off, I bolted to where the noises and smells were coming from, the barn!What a place smells everywhere! I was so wrapped up in all the new smells mum naptured me.

It was a windy rainy day, to get to Bamburgh we had walk across muddy fields, it was hard going. When we got there we went down to the beach. It was blowing a hoolie the wind nearly made me fly. Even ball was no fun, when dad tossed it I could not see where it went in the rain and sand storm. Time to go back to Betsy to get warm.

Farms have disadvantages. The main one being they are muddy. Mum would not let me get inside Betsy because I was now a West Highland Black. Dad had to make me white again. He took me to an outside tap and put me under it and turned it on. YELP its cold, its wet I don’t like this at all.

After lunch we went to Seahouses. It was a long walk but the wind had eased. It was still raining but it was not as cold. Seahouses was a nice little town I liked the smells of the fishes at the harbour, Mum got something for diner and we headed back. As we were walking back I spotted a monster! Grrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrr GRRRRRRRUUUUUFFFFF. Mum went up to the monster and petted it, She called it a gate post. Mmmmmm Funny looking things gateposts.

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