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Mum and dad came home from work, I don’t like it when they go to work, I get lonely when they are not here. I liked mum big stile mum picked me up and gave me cuddles, dad got my harness on and took me around the block. As soon as we got back we went straight into mini. We drove and drove until we got to a place called Ballachulish.

As soon as we got my bed cushion toys and blanket into the hotel room we went for a walk. We went over a big bridge and down a quiet road. Mum let me off lead and we went down to a loch side. It was a trick walk for mum and dad because of boulders easy for me. It was starting to get dark when we went through a wood to get back to the bridge, It was OK because I can see good in the dark, so I lead mum and dad back to the bridge.

It was very dark when we got back to the hotel, time for a nap.

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