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Back in mini we went to Ambleside. It’s a nice town and I was allowed in most of the shops! Mum was on the phone  talking to somebody about a big white box on wheels. I think it was the man two days ago. She spoke to dad and got very tense, I barked.

Back in Coniston we went for a walk into the hills, Mum had talked the owner of the post office and we were allowed to invade the house next door for their hot tub. In they went with a bottle of fizzy pop, something to do with the big white box.

Disaster when we went next door we could not get back after half an hour dad eventually managed to open a door to get us back to our rooms. Mum and dad were cold by then because they were wet from the hot tub.

Dad built a fire and all was well, I went for a nap.

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