Poppysocks – The Adventures of Poppy the westie 2

me in a life jacket

My new home on the tinternet

A little about me. I have been around since 2015. My full name is a bit of a mouthful so most people call me Poppy, Poppysocks, Wee Yin or Trouble. Recently dad calls me Tink because of the noise my dog tags make when I walk.

I was born in Ayrshire in Scotland and live in Glasgow. My ancestors come from Poltalloch in Argyle and since then we have spanned the globe trying to bring joy wherever we go……except the vet….oh and the groomers.
I love exploring and I first started travelling when I convinced Mum and Dad to stop jumping in the big metal birds and leaving me behind. Since then I go with them by car, boat or my favourite, Betsy the motorhome.

poppy in alps2