Buffalo Horn Inner Review

Buffalo Horn Inners


Dad started buying these for me this year to get rid of plaque. I don’t know what plaques are but I don’t think they are good for me. Buffalo horn inners are bland. Dad puts things into them like venison sausage to spice them up. Once spiced buffalo horns are YUM!!!! 



I like Buffalos, you can chew and grind them. They last for weeks. The only problem is the more you chew them the smaller they get. Sometimes they have holes in them that dad fills full of treats


Sometimes dad rubs fat or venison sausage on them that makes them taste great.

Once dad rubbed cheese on it YUM!


(from dad)


Unlike dear antlers that poppy gets board with after a day or two these can be supercharged to keep her interest going.

buffalo horn chewed


Poppy will never let me get near her teeth, so I use this as an attempt to shift some plaque. When buying I would recommend pushing a fingernail into the horn to test for softness. Too hard and she gets bored with them quickly.




Buffalo horn inners are good when they are soft. Lots of nice things can be stuffed into them. At only £2.99 from pets at home they are a good way to keep plaque at bay. A soft one should last about two weeks

3 paws from poppy